Religion in Modern Era: Can We Understand Our Faith?

Religion in Modern Era: Can We Understand Our Faith?
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Young Generation and Their Faith

As a student, the societal issue that I’m most concerned in is the evolving attitudes towards faith in our young generation.

Not to imply that there is a lack of faith amongst people, however what I have seen is how the phenomenon of divisive religion has largely contributed to two main viewpoints: the mainstream conservative view of religion and the common belief that religion might be out of date as science progresses.

Perhaps some people would rather read an ancient book and believe that it is the only way of life, and it would seem that people have an in-born desire for spiritualism, so there would always be a need for spirituality and religion as long as there are humans.

Doctrins of Religion in 21st Century

On the contrary, the doctrines of religion are outdated in this 21st century for some and that is for good reason they were created by Bronze Age or Iron Age peasants who did not even know the earth orbited the Sun.

Thus, the wisdom in those scriptures is not wisdom at all, and people have actually learned something over the last twenty centuries and science has taught them how the world works.

Natural World Sciences and Divine Intervention

In fact, the more we’ve learned about the natural world the more we’ve learned that we don’t need any divine intervention to explain anything.

However, with the scientific revolution and the rapid pace at which we reach new discoveries, many of us may have a crisis of faith or the inability to reconcile more ancient aspects of religion with the discoveries of modern science.

What science does which is force people’s beliefs to conform to the evidence of reality rather than the other way around, and most people now do believe in a morality based on rationality not outmoded religious beliefs.

Therefore, as our civilization and technology become increasingly complex, do people still need to believe in religion as its role in instilling tolerance and values in the 21st century?

We Need Spirituality More Than Religion

From my personal view, what people desperately need in this era is spirituality more than before rather than religion itself because the terms are quite distinct, spirituality is about the question and religion is about the answer.

For example, when you have this big philosophical question and have the courage and willingness to go whatever it takes to have the answer, we might come to the religions as if they will give the answer and we must follow it otherwise we will burn in hell, and it truly innovates the antithesis of spirituality.

Thus, what we have to question is why should we try and interpret those ignorant religious value in a modern world where we actually understand things, where we understand the fact that science comes from a rational view of who we are and how we should relate to each other in modern world.

On the other hand, science is not merely to explain, but to pave the way for the reconciliation between the two and how to reconcile them in modern culture.

Penulis: Desy Putri Oktavia
(Student of Sampoerna University)