Life is About Finding Gratitude

Life is About Finding Gratitude
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Live to Act with Dignity

Infinity, it’s funny how we have a word in life for that concept, but there’s no way we could understand it.

Personally, I think maybe love would be the easiest way we can understand it, because love has no limitations and boundaries.

Same thing as compassion, a magnificent human capacity to act with dignity, kindness and charity, for me it is as a norm; a mental discipline; a way of living.

The easiest way to explain this kind of affection is to tell it’s empowering rather than emotional; it’s about how we choose to interact with someone, regardless of how we feel towards them.

As the picture above, I believe that compassion is the intention that drives the person to expand the scope of their self-concern to encompass everything in the universal self.

If we were to lose that sense of human connectedness, we would risk losing our sense of compassion.

Then we would stop living as if we need each other, though we do.

Find Absolute Purpose in Life

Perhaps you think that this does not make any sense about what am I looking for in life, but I see it in my point of view of how my life wanted to be and to find my absolute goal in life.

The problem is that I feel like I’m constantly stuck searching for joy and fulfillment in things, status, and opportunities, I know I need it, but I search everywhere that it’s not actually mine.

This is exactly what I feel at the moment, for too many off-the-shelf paths in life, I still find myself trapped in confusion between the expectations and what my personal fulfillment asks me to possess.

But lately, I have been thinking about it, those are not exactly what I look for, but living with gratitude and share an infinite love and compassion to other are my absolute goal in life.

Moreover, nothing in life really matter if we don’t do good to people and I believe that’s the way I can specifically touch the lives of people around me becomes so much deeper and meaningful.

Writer: Desy Oktavia